Sunday, October 23, 2011

High Guy Greeting Cards by Pot o' Gold Productions


  1. "High" Stephen!

    It really blows my mind to come across the likes of this! My name is Barb Nelson and I happen to be the creator of High Guy Greeting Cards. Three of us started Pot O' Gold Productions back in '79 in Tampa, FL. Two guys who had the original concept were Rick Winn and Jim Karis. I was the Creative Director and I designed and produced the entire line of all-occasion greeting cards as well T-Shirts and related collateral. The company was financially backed by Danka Industries, the famous business machines company, and I can assure you we were the black sheep division in the corporate offices :) I did have an amazing studio on Kennedy Blvd and for the next few years we had the time of our life. We started out selling in local head shops and eventually hit the international market with distributors and High Times Magazine ads. I've often thought about resurrecting High Guy but have faced the fact that it's a different world now and it just wouldn't be the same. Head shops used to be on every corner then. But when something like this crops up I feel an appreciation for the digital age and posts like yours that make my day ..thanks for the memories!

    Barb Nelson

    P.S. Have you seen the greeting cards? I just noticed a seller on eBay offering them in lots of 6 cards.

    1. Hi Barb,
      It really made my day to read your comment. You're the first person from one of the companies on my blog to contact me. I've always thought the High Guy card line to be really cool from both a design and entrepreneurial standpoint. I've considered buying some of the cards on Ebay to mail to friends but they might be too cool to give away. Didn't know you guys printed t-shirts too! would be cool to find one of those. If you happen to have any old ads, promo materials, or other High Guy artwork around, I'll gladly post it on here. Around the holidays this year I plans to post the ads for the High Guy Christmas/New Years card collection so check back.